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Errands, Toddlers and Blueberries


Three year olds do not belong in grocery stores. I knew that already.

I weighed out the pros and the cons. I was about to drive past Walmart. I only needed a few items.

I made the quick decision to take my one year old and newly minted three year old in with me for this short errand.

What could possibly go wrong?

I got my baby in the front seat with the strap secured and my three year old in the back of the cart. Mine is not the type who will walk around the store holding onto the cart. To him, life is an exciting party. And walking around in Walmart would be a dream come true – and make that running, not walking. It wouldn’t work. But that part was fine, they were both safely seated. Continue reading “Errands, Toddlers and Blueberries”

Life in General

Children’s Museum or Judgement Museum?


It really should be called the Judgement Museum.

It’s very subtle.

Quiet looks and silent glares. Forced smiles and controlled tones. 

I can’t think of another place that is quite as stress-filled as a Children’s Museum.

It’s well masked by all the gleeful chatter and banter of kids exploring, running, playing and squealing.

But behind every excited child is a tense mom with clenched fists. Continue reading “Children’s Museum or Judgement Museum?”

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They grow so quickly … or do they?


I’m not really sure when it happened.

For the longest time, just by my being, I was able to assert my authority over my kids. After all, they had to look up to talk to me. I was taller than them all.

And then suddenly, without much warning, I am the one looking up.

I can’t even see eye to eye with my oldest. I have to look UP.

I’m not familiar with this and I don’t know how this happened.

Continue reading “They grow so quickly … or do they?”

Life in General

Shopping for toys the smart way…


For a moment I forget that this is baby number 9, not my first born.

See, I love the car-toy-playing-seat the second I see it; it is so perfect. Closed in on four sides and enough knobs to keep a baby sitting and busy, it was just so cute. 

But then I remember. I have other children at home. This is not my first.

I take a deep breath and allow reality to take over.

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Life in General

More about Real Family Chol Hamoed Trips


“Where are we going today?”

“When are we leaving?”

“Are we going somewhere today?”

“We have to go somewhere today!”

Yes, you guessed it – it’s day #3 of The Chol Hamoed Trip Extravaganza – when you have a whole week to plan trip and after trip and spend quality family time together.

Except the degree of quality can fluctuate.

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