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Some more about raising boys…


With a newborn in one hand and most of my kids home, I’m keeping my summer bucket list pretty simple.

Organize the kids’ closets.

Organize my cabinet.

By “my cabinet” I mean my personal arsenal where I keep all the most valuable items in the house and all my weapons, including those that can easily turn into weapons of mass destruction.


Elmer’s liquid glue.


Glue sticks.


Sticky tack.

Washable paint.

Bucket of 10,000 fuse beads.

In the wrong hands, all of these can wreak havoc. But used correctly, they can save lives.

As soon as I put the baby down, I make a beeline to my cabinet and make yet another attempt to tackle it.

I start emptying it out, finding all different things I’ve taken away from my kids over the past few months. A growing stash of bouncy balls of every size and color  that were being used in the wrong place and other things like that.

My 3 & 5 year old little boys are watching me wide eyed. I need to find something to keep them busy with so I can knock this off my list at last.

Frisbees! I came across two frisbees stuffed in the back of the top shelf; I don’t remember why I put them there to begin with, but I’m thrilled to find them. And so are they. They proudly march off with their frisbees, and I continue my work.

I come across two cardboard mailing tubes that had once contained enlarged photos.

Ah, that’ll make a great toy too!

I call my little boys and offer them the super cool cardboard tubes. I give them some creative ideas what they can use it for-it’ll be a great tunnel for their cars or they can roll balls through it.

I’m pretty pleased with my ideas and go back to my organizing.

The frisbee and cardboard tube seemed to be doing the trick.

They’re playing together and I’m organizing.

Eventually I pop in to check on them.

“What are you guys doing?” I can’t help but ask.

“We’re having a sword fight!” They excitedly tell me.

“Sword fight?”

“Yeah look, we each have a sword and a shield!”

The frisbee. A shield.

The cardboard tube. A sword.

I’m watch them, stunned. Unbeknownst do me, I had given them a sword and a shield.

I pride myself in my adapting to how little boys work. With a houseful of them, I’ve learned to play life by their rules. And I do admit, their version of life, despite the mess, is quite exciting! This is not something that came natural to me, but I’ve learned to love it.

And just when I thought I had it all figured out, they did a number on me. I had forgotten one of the golden rules about boys; anything and everything can and will be turned into a war weapon, regardless of how many rules you make against it.

I watch them gleefully running and playing and I know that really and truly, I will never be one of them. I’m doubting if it’s possible to really see the world through their magical eyes.

And that’s life with boys; you gotta just love them. Otherwise you’ll go crazy. And even worse, you’ll never, ever finish organizing your cabinets.


Newborn Joys

I just need to peel 10 potatoes. Throw the chicken in the oven. Quickly cut up some cucumbers. I should have it all done in time for it to be ready when the kids finish their computer time. Mommy Camp is running nice and smooth at this very moment and I’m feeling pretty pleased about it.

And then my baby wakes up. My very tiny little baby. I have to remind myself that he’s really still a newborn, since running full blown Mommy Camp can make me forget that. And he wants to eat. Like now. Well, Mommy Camp is about to lose its efficiency.

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Boys will be boys…and maybe that’s ok!


The house is spotless and I try to hold on to this weekly moment in time – the minute after my house cleaner leaves and the seconds before the kids sail through the door; the moment when every toy is away, the counters are bare and sparkling and the floors are swept and mopped – and the smell of shabbos is in the air.
Cooking is done. Challahs are ready. And there’s actually some time to just enjoy the Friday afternoon.
I happily realize that I will be getting more than just a mere 20 seconds of quiet and a clean house; since the sun is shining and the rain has finally stopped, the kids decide it’s a perfect day to play outside.
I couldn’t agree more!

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Life in General

Book Review – Is It Shabbos Yet?


If you have little kids, chances are you can recite the book “Is It Shabbos Yet?” quicker than you can remember your cell number.
I’ve been reading it out loud for 13 years now and I offer you my personal book review.
It starts off with sweet little Malkie waking up Friday morning and wanting to know if it’s Shabbos yet – to which her mother says not yet, first we have to go shopping.
Now, in this day and age, we all know the power of the written word on little impressionable minds.
Do you understand what we are teaching our kids here??

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The Mommy Van

mommy van

“Just do me one favor- whoever picks me up at the airport,  make sure they don’t have one of those Mommy cars with half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stuck to the seats.”

For a moment I wasn’t sure if the person on the phone was serious or kidding.

Was this person insulting the vans of mommies around the country?

I had hired this person to come out to do an event and that included transportation from the airport.

But the comment left me speechless.

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