Shadow Box Art

Ever have one of those days when you get fixated on a project that in reality is not important or necessary but suddenly it’s the top of the priority list…suppers on hold, bills shoved aside and all else fades away because nothing is as important as THE task at hand.
Well I had one of those days last week and it was the kids’ bathroom that was getting my attention. No, it didn’t require cleaning (at that very moment) but it did require something. Something to make it a cheerful, kid friendly place. It just needed it. And I mean it was BEGGING for it, so DESPERATE that laundry was on hold indefinitely and bedtime was forgotten till I would figure out the solution. The criteria was it couldn’t be something reachable, movable or smell absorbent (will not elaborate on that.) After much deliberation with my two closest friends who are always are there for me, Pinterest and Facebook, they once again pulled through….and behold the shadow box bathroom art 🙂


(Oh, and can’t forget to thank Walmart and Dollar Tree for making this possible 🙂 )