I’m an energetic, optimistic, many times exhausted and periodically overwhelmed mom of a lively, happy, mischievous and pushing-the-limit bunch of kids; I’m the lucky wife of the most family-dedicated, dishes-washing and comfortable-cooking-in-the-kitchen Rabbi and fun to be around, cheerful dad of the crew of kids; I’m a home-schooling mom; a preschool mom, and Online School mom; Hebrew School and women’s class teacher; I’m COO and Education Director of Chabad of Folsom, and the First Lady of my home;  I’m a caterer, chef, baker and sock matcher-upper; I specialize in “selective noticing” and at the end of a long day, I choose not to see the dishes in the sink or the dinner leftovers strewn under the kitchen table; and all the above is held together by my ancient, pre-smartphone era, outdated Little Yellow Notepad, without which I wouldn’t know Tuesday from Sunday… To sum it up, at the end of the day, I’m human. So join me and together we’ll find the humor in the ups and downs, leaps and lurches of  raising kids and life in general, and perhaps we’ll figure out the secret to…being human 🙂

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I enjoy your refreshing real life reports of the behind the scenes view, reading about your struggles and victories, and the positive energy that your writing brings forth!
    (With fond memories from your single days as a teacher at Beis Chaya Mushka)
    Keep it up!

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