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You just never know

Actually, I think to myself, lady, you have no idea just how great I look! I was in the trauma ICU for 10 days followed by a week of acute rehab. I had massive hemorrhaging, my body went into DIC which caused me to experience multiple organ failure. And due to more complications, I’ve been lugging around a wound vac for weeks and I just got rid of it yesterday. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’m casually shopping at Target 9 weeks later, feeling great!

But I don’t tell her that.

I wasn’t about to share this all with my new friend-for-a-moment.

Instead I smile and say thank you.

“Enjoy your little one!” she says as I take my bag to go.

And I’m thinking.

Here I am, shopping like anyone else – and everyone around me is completely oblivious to the fact that I’m a walking miracle. There’s nothing about me that stands out as you walk by. I look as typical as anyone else. What about the people that I see passing me – what secrets lay under their casual and regular appearance? 

I smile at the lady in line behind me as I leave.

Who knows what she’s been through. 

You just never know.

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