Life in General

“Is it bedtime yet?”

Mommy wakes up early on Monday. She opens her eyes, says Modeh Ani and asks, “Is it bedtime yet?”

“Not yet!” giggle her kids as they dance and jump and climb into her bed. “First we need to have breakfast in Mommy Camp!”

So mommy washes negel vasser and staggers out of bed, ready to start her day.

She serves cereal and milk and scrambled eggs and flat eggs and soymilk and almondmilk and almost everyone has breakfast.

“Is it bedtime yet?” asked mommy.

3 thoughts on ““Is it bedtime yet?””

  1. Whew Goldie! I’m exhausted just reading it. But, loved the story “of how it goes”.

  2. Terrific true, real life story, expressed with patience, compassion and interesting insight.

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