The New and Improved Law of Gravity


If Newton hadn’t discovered the law of gravity, I bet my kids would have.

After all, they’ve tried and proven it more time than I’d like to admit.

Bouncy balls; that’s elementary stuff. They’ve done advanced testing; shoes, clothes, dolls, lego and even riding toys!

See, in my house there’s this great loft/play room overlooking the dining room-and soon after we moved in to our house, the overlook was deemed the perfect launching pad for scientific experiments.

At least I want to think of it like that.

Why else would they drop things down? Just because they want to hear the deafening, ear splitting sound on contact with the laminate wood floor?  Nah, can’t be. Just because they want to drive their ever so try-to-be patient parents insane? Nah, not my kids. They would never do that!

But recently I was thinking maybe they would.  Maybe they were out to drive me crazy.

Now I know what you’re thinking…you’re shaking your head saying – you’ve gotta make some firm rules in your house. No throwing. Zero tolerance.

Guess what – that’s precisely what I did! And continue to do! But once again, the good book has failed me. My kids must’ve read the antidote book of how to outsmart your parents. I’m sure it exists in the kid underworld, probably passed around in the hospital nursery during night shift during the first few days after birth.

So the rule is there, it is forbidden to drop things down from the second floor; yet my wise and innovative children are not done testing the laws of gravity.

And then, just yesterday, I had a new revelation of sorts.

We were all hanging out in the loft/playroom and the baby was crawling around with some Mega Blocks in his hand and he crawled over to the overlook…stuck out his hand…and dropped the toy down. Did I mentioned that the noise on contact with easy-to-clean mothers-dream laminate flooring is deafening?? 11 month old smiled to himself, got another toy, crawled back over and down it went with a crash.

At that moment there was a new revelation; they don’t do it just to drive me mad!

The proof? The 11 month old, this little guy; he is still on my team, so far he still dances to my tune. We’re buddies, he’s the one I can still count on. He wouldn’t be trying to push the limits with me.

And that’s when I officially discovered the New and Improved Law of Gravity:

If it can fall, kids will throw it down.

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