Leveling with Laundry


“Mommy, it seems like someone didn’t do the laundry this week!”

Uh oh, she’s talking to me. Help, where should I hide? I duck into the kitchen.

“Mommy, it really seems like the laundry wasn’t done this week. ”

The voice is coming closer… she will find me, what should I say? All my excuses flood my mind; this was a busy week! Sunday was the upshernish, catered by me! Monday was a big kosher takeout order, again catered by me! Tuesday and Wednesday – that was a blur of picking up and dropping off kids at various places and times.

And then comes the next round of thoughts – my good old friend Guilt. Why can’t I get it all done? Maybe I’m not such a great mom after all. Yesterday I had it all down pat, and now I’m falling short. I’m inadequate. The kids know it. She’s accusing me.

And then she’s there; right in front of me.

I straighten myself out and smile at my charming 7 yr old daughter. The lone sister of 5 brothers, she’s my only female friend around here. And these days, she’s quite the co captain of the ship.

“The laundry? What are you looking for?” It was a specific pink shirt. “Hmm, y’know I didn’t get to all the laundry yet, It’s been quite a week!”

“Oh yes,” she agrees. “What a busy week!”

And off she goes, to choose something else from her closet.

I HAD done laundry. At least 6 loads of it! Just not all of it. In this part of town, laundry never reaches THE END stage. But everyone DID have clean clothes to wear today.

I’m not inadequate after all!

But that sentence rang in my ears for hours… I’ve heard it (ok, said it!) in many variations: Someone didn’t clear their place at the table; Someone didn’t make their bed; Someone didn’t brush their teeth; Someone didn’t put their shoes in their cubby.

And I couldn’t help but wonder. Could it be when I say that, they feel the way I did? Accused? Inadequate? Not living up to my expectations? Like a failure?

They’re kids and they’re doing what they’re supposed to do! I think the world of them. They’re clever, fun and charming, to name a few. I make a mental note that no matter how many times a day I will trip over their little shoes in the wrong places, I will do my best to make sure they know what I really think of them.

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