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CSLW – it’s a Thing

How does a thing become a Thing?

Seems that if something is not a Thing then it’s not worth doing.

Because we can’t just merely be mothers doing things, we need to be moms who do Things; and in order for a thing to be a Thing it has to have memes backing it. And most importantly, promoted on Instagram.

I don’t know when it became a Thing, but just when I thought I knew what I needed to know about babies and food, after weaning baby 10, I discovered I don’t know everything and there is Thing called BLW. 

Baby Led Weaning.

I can’t say I follow the whole dissertation on it, but I’ve seen enough memes to know that it’s really a Thing. And I’m sure I don’t fully understand it because to me it seems to teach kids they can eat whatever they like – which in my opinion seems to translate into teaching them that they are entitled to chips, soda or candy whenever they want to, as soon as they are old and wise enough to carry along the same principle. After all, its taste, texture, color and smell is quite appealing!

And that’s why I want to introduce you to a new weaning theory.


Common Sense Led Weaning.

The memes are in print, but not available just yet.

It works like this:

  1. Baby is ready for solids. Or mom is ready for baby to have solids.
  2. Baby doesn’t have many teeth.
  3. Baby can’t chew much.
  4. Soft food is in order.
  5. Purées are safe with no teeth.
  6. Baby can’t manage the container-to-mouth spoon movement so adult fills in.
  7. Adult puts spoon of food in baby’s mouth.

And here there’s two options for what happens next:

  1. Baby swallows and babbles and cooes and you know the food is a winner.
  2. Baby spits the food back in your face and you know that you need to try something else.

Baby gets some teeth. Cut up soft foods into small pieces. Baby either eats or tosses the food across the room. This will tell you what food baby likes.

And the more teeth, the more food the baby can safely eat. And baby learns that we eat all different types of food, and some we like more than others.

And there you have it. CSLW.

Common Sense Led Weaning.

Fellow moms, we are tired enough without having to so many Things! Maybe we can just do things even if it’s not a Thing, and still have successful results. And still be good-enough mothers. Maybe.

All memes welcome.

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