Life in General

A wedding! (When you’re taking your kids along too)


We’re going to a wedding!

We planned for months and every detail was taken care of, down to the last sock.

And we are ready.

I give myself a quick pep talk. This is for the kids; don’t fool yourself and think you are attending a wedding for personal enjoyment.

We arrive relatively on time, and make it to pictures. Everyone is still clean, no diaper changes needed yet and no spills on my new dress (yet).

Baby is getting cranky and I need to feed him. I eye my spot at the table, realizing I haven’t eaten since the baby carrots 6 hours earlier. But I need to put him to sleep first, cute outfit and all.

I dash to the babysitting room, manage to nurse in my non-nursing-friendly dress and dash back to my seat, only to see the waitress walking out with my untouched plate…and dumping it.

I finally sit down.

My two year old is delivered to me from the dance floor…he needs a pamper change…

Off I go, hoping to have better luck with the next course.

In the changing room, I can hear the music start up in the distance and know that the bride is about to arrive…and I’ll miss that too.

Two year old and I make it back for the last minute of dancing and then I’m determined not to miss the next part of the meal.

As the waiters make their way from table to table with the plated food, I make sure they see me and I am served.

I’m only half way through my plate, and my phone rings to tell me the baby is up and crying.

I gobble down the rest of my food and head to the babysitting room once again.

I feed him and settle him, and once more I hear the dancing and know that I’m missing the dancing once again.

I head back to the floor, where my 9 year old tells me about all the great photos I missed.

The toddler needs to go to sleep, and I’m back in the babysitting room,

At least I’m getting exercise.

I’m heading back and my 4 year old is frantic for the bathroom.

I help him out and get back in time for…the speeches.


I watch the dessert buffet from afar, wondering if I’ll make it there or not.

With the two little ones sleeping, the rest is a blur and all too soon the wedding is over.

We pack everyone up and get ready to head home.

My kids agree unanimously that it was the funnest wedding ever.

I nod in agreement.

After all, fun is all relative.

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