Life in General

A tribute to my frozen and frazzled fellow moms on the East Coast

bundled up

How cold can winter be?

The answer, I learned, is VERY.

While debating whether to do our family trip to NY in February or not, I have to honestly admit that I did not remember just how cold cold can be..

Or how many pieces of accessories each child would need to go out in that cold.

Well, we were in NY and ready to take a walk.

Instead of kids grabbing socks and shoes, or just Crocs, and hopping into the minivan, this was happening NY style.


“Ok everyone, we’re ready to leave, get your stuff!”

I take a deep breath. Here we go!

Put on baby’s hat.

Put on baby’s coat.

Strap baby into carriage.

Baby starts to scream.


Shh shh baby, we are leaving in a minute…


Put on 2 year olds hat.

Put on his coat.

He takes off his hat.

Put on his scarf.

He unzips his coat.

Put on his gloves.

Put on his hat again.

Re-zip coat.

Put on his boats.

Strap him in carriage.


Call the rest of the kids.

3 year old only has one glove.

7 year old can’t find his boots.

5 year old wants to just wear a sweater.


Deep breath.

It’s 10 degrees outside. It’s irrelevant if that’s with the wind chill or not; we need to get on our way.


I make a mental checklist.

10  year old has gloves, scarf, coat, boots.

I send nine year old to find her hat.

7 year old can not wear crocs, you need to find your boots.

Find 3 year olds other glove.

By now, 2 year old has kicked off his boots.

Baby is still crying.

Shh we’re leaving in a minute and you’ll fall asleep.


5 year old can’t find either glove.

He’ll keep his hands in his pockets.

Put two year old’s boots back on.

3 year old abandoned his scarf, he didn’t like it.

Put scarf back on.

Cover carriage with the carriage plastic, something people in California would think is abusive but east coasters count as a blessing.

Now 2 year old and baby cry together.

I want to join.


5 year old needs the bathroom.

Off comes hat, scarf, gloves, boots and coat.

3 year old wears one glove.

I instruct him to keep the other hand in his pocket.

7 year old got his boots.

5 year old is back and ready.

Ok, we’re going.


Whoops, what about me?

I’m in my slippers.

I find my boots.

And one glove.

I suppose the other glove went on a runaway together with three year old’s missing glove.

I don’t blame them.


I put on my coat. I know it’s freezing outside, but for some reason I’m sweating.

Scarf. Where’s my scarf.

Kids are getting impatient,

I see 3 year old taking off his scarf again,

No, we’re leaving!


We’re out the front door.

Bounce the carriage down the steps.

The brakes lock.

Open brakes, bounce another step.

The brakes lock.

I’m ready to scream.

Why did they put the brakes in such a ridiculous place?!

We make it down the steps.

Baby is asleep.


Wow, that only took 42 minutes to get out!


I think of the sunshine I left in California.

At least the kids are loving the snow.

I pass many other moms on the street.

And I have a newfound respect for these winter moms.

Who do this many times a day, everyday.

And I silently salute them all.

I make a promise right then and there to all my freezing, frazzles fellow moms:

When I get back home, I will not post on Facebook any pictures of sunny California until the last of the snow is gone.

It’s the least I can do.

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