Life in General

My son, the chef…kind of


It was finally coming true. My mind was racing, my imagination going wild.

No more cooking suppers. No more peeling, cutting and prepping food. My son was going to take over the kitchen.

He’s a natural. He’s one of those.

I would be one of those bragging moms who nonchalantly wave their hands and laugh, “Oh, I stopped cooking ages ago. My son does it. He’s a natural.”

And they casually pause for the response they know is coming, “Really, your son?! Wow, how amazing! How’d you train him??”

And the ambiguous answer of, “You gotta train them when their young…” Smiling smugly. Implying that everyone else’s children weren’t trained.

Well, that bragging mom was going to be me!

“It says butter. Can I use peanut butter instead?”

That certainly interrupted my train of thought.

And reminded me that I was jumping ahead a bit too far; after all, he’s nine.

He had been browsing through a cookbook and had come across a potato chip recipe and wanted to try it. Contrary to my initial inward reaction, I enthusiastically agreed.

And we didn’t have butter, hence the question.

And so he learned his first kitchen tip; peanut butter does not replace butter. But you can use oil instead.

I guess he might not be taking over the kitchen as soon as I was imagining after all.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t brag about his cooking, I thought stubbornly.“My son, he’s just a natural in the kitchen!”

Well, kind of, anyways. I mean, he cooked once…

But you know us moms, we love to exaggerate 🙂

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