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Peanut Butter Lover’s Smoothie


Some days are just smoothie days. You can feel it in the air. It hits me at different times; either at a rare moment when the house is quiet and I’m home alone or when the noise level is getting too high and I need a good distraction to get things back on track for the young folk. When it’s the latter, I’ll randomly call out if anyone wants a smoothie and just like that, all problems are solved and everyone is at my side.

My most important go-to kitchen gadgets are all within arms reach; no climbing or digging behind piles of stuff; just there to be grabbed at a seconds notice. And among my most important items, is my hand-held immersion blender. Don’t know how people survived before its invention!

I use a big tall measuring cup, dump all the ingredients in, in goes the blender. Best of all, everyone can have a turn pressing the button (don’t lift it higher than the liquid if blender is on!!)

I do think, though, that what the kids love most about smoothies is the straws. Don’t know what it is about it, but kids love straws!

I came across this one while browsing online on a random mommy blog; if you’re a peanut butter lover like I am, I can guarantee you will love this one! (And if you’re the anti banana type, give this one a shot; the peanut butter pretty much hijacks all the other flavors.)

All you need is three ingredients:


3/4 c milk (soy, rice, almond, regular)

1 tablespoon peanut butter (more or less to your liking; all natural or unnatural, whatever suits your health concerns)

1 frozen banana (I use the ones that have overstayed their welcome on the counter; I throw it in the freezer so I always have one available)

You can use any type of blender; immersion blender is just my favorite (and only takes 3.5 seconds to clean after you’re done.)

So of the 7 tasters yesterday (myself and my husband included) this one got a 5 out of 7 vote, which is pretty good considering majority of the voters were hard-to-please kids!

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