Life in General

The big bad FORMULA!

I’m going through my mound of discharge papers one day a couple weeks ago, and it’s quite a book considering my postpartum complications – and one paper caught my eye. 

Risks to babies of formula feeding include an increased risk of:

And then it goes on to list over a dozen different conditions: Asthma, Allergy, Acute respiratory disease… and the list goes on and on.

As I read, my jaw drops in shock. Am I really seeing correctly?

What in the world is this all about?

Why are they trying to scare me?

Life in General

Are you a new person?

“You probably feel like a new person!”

“I’m sure you have a new appreciation for everything!’’

“I bet you wake up in the morning and say Modeh Ani with a whole new meaning!”

These are typical things we say when talking to someone who went through a traumatic life-threatening experience; these are the questions I’ve been asked many times over the past few months.

And the answer is..

Um, well…

Life in General

I see his watch!

“I see his watch!” I yell to no one in particular.

“Whose watch?” my husband asks. “Who left their watch here?”

“No, not here! In the picture!”


“I see his watch! I know it’s his watch, I can tell! I can’t see his arm or any other part of him. I can make out his forehead , just where his hairline ends. Yup, it’s him.”

Finally a picture of my son at camp. I can relax now. I mean, I knew he had to have gotten there because he got on the bus. But it was a relief to see he was actually there.

My husband leans in closer, trying to get a view of the picture on my phone.

“Tell me again how you know it’s him? I don’t see him in the picture.”

Life in General

Is it video time yet?

The kids woke up early on Tuesday.

They looked at their mommy and said, “Is it video time yet?”

“Not yet,” said mommy, sipping her coffee while holding the baby and serving breakfast. “We didn’t even eat breakfast yet!”

So all the kids eat breakfast and spill breakfast and make a mess of breakfast and finally finish eating breakfast.

“Is it video time yet?” ask the kids.

“Of course not!” says mommy as she cleans up the kitchen table. “We need to daven!”

Everyone goes to daven; some finish in one minute, some in 10 and some haven’t started.

“Let’s go outside!” says mommy.

“It’s boring!” answer the kids.

“Is it video time yet?”

Life in General

You just never know

I was checking out at target with a handful of baby girl stuff. This seems to be becoming a regular occurrence … After 16 years of shopping for baby boy clothes, I am in heaven; finally back in the girls department! Ruffles, bows, pink and more pink – they all call my name. So somehow, even though I really came in for a return…there I was with a handful of adorable pink items, waiting to pay.

The cashier at the register noticed my purchases and started chatting.

“You had a baby girl?” She asked.

“Yup,” I say nonchalantly. “She’s 9 weeks today.”

“Wow!” She exclaims. ”You look great!”